Visual Arts, Music, & Drama

All students at Augustine receive instruction in music and studio art through their grammar school years. In the upper school they all take on an orchestral instrument, sing in choir, continue with studio art, and take drama.

Music is not an extra-curricular at Augustine. Scripture calls us to praise God with our voices and instruments and so learning and practicing music is central to an Augustine education and students graduate having gained proficiency with their desired instrument.

As rhetoric students learn to develop their own voice and articulate their own ideas, they practice with drama. Here they speak with boldness and clarity, participating in stories woven by master narrators, such as William Shakespeare.


Our students begin studying Latin in the 3rd grade and continue their studies through at least the Dialectic (9th grade) stage, with the ability to progress to the very highest level (AP Latin, Ecclesiastical Latin, Latin Music) should they so choose. We also offer ancient Greek as well as a variety of modern languages.