Portrait of an Augustine Graduate 

As a faculty we seek to cultivate the following traits in our students as we teach them to flourish.

We strive to help them grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom by providing opportunities for them to…

  • Encounter great and inspiring work and heroes of the faith
  • Speak well and winsomely
  • Develop an insatiable curiosity
  • Clearly see the Gospel in their studies and observations
  • Think deeply and creatively through a biblical lens
  • Understand their influence on others
  • Recognize beauty and develop an appetite for it
  • Hunger for clear thinking

We long for them to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love their neighbor as themselves.  We provide opportunities for them to...

  • Take the things of the Lord seriously
  • Cultivate a teachable spirit 
  • Demonstrate respect
  • Accept responsibility and take the blame when appropriate
  • Pursue excellence with diligence
  • Interact with adults comfortably
  • View their neighbors with compassion
  • Speak honestly about themselves
  • Develop a long-term vision for their lives
  • Appreciate elegance and perfection in disciplines as a reflection of the character of God
  • Model godliness to younger students
  • Contribute meaningfully to our community
  • Practice self-discipline
  • Establish healthy habits
  • Sacrifice willingly
  • Lead with humility and grace