Our Mission

To partner with parents to disciple their children to faith in Christ, rooted in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Our Vision

We desire to be a school that plays an active part in the revitalization of the Christian intellectual community. We are driven by the conviction that God reveals himself to us through Jesus Christ; and, because his self-revelation comes to us through his written word our students should be masters of both written and spoken language; and, because God created our physical world and is the author of the order in it, our students should be conversant in the languages of mathematics and science; and, because God’s aesthetic is revealed in his creation, our students should have a well-developed understanding and appreciation of beauty through the study of music and the visual arts. In short, we are a school that trains students to see the world as God does, equips them to bring glory to him throughout their lives, and trains them to live as godly citizens in society.

In Loco Parentis

St. Augustine says: "Let us then adapt ourselves to our students with a love which is at once the love of a brother, of a father and of a mother When once we are linked to them in heart, the old familiar things will seem new to us. So great is the influence of a sympathetic mind that, when our students are affected by us as we speak and we by them as they learn, we dwell in each other and thus both they, as it were, speak within us what they hear, while we after a fashion learn in them what we teach." (Augustine, De cat.rud., 17). At Augustine we take very seriously the privilege of parents' entrusting their children to us for their education. A hallmark of an Augustine education is our school's vibrant partnerships with our families. We believe that the family is his primary means for transmitting knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from one generation to the next and is, therefore, the primary context in which the Christian faith is shared. Parents, then, are the first teacher and as a school, therefore, we view our role as subsidiary to and in partnership with parents. Our role is thus limited: we are not church; we are not youth ministry; we are a school, and we disciple children through academic study and pursuits. Essential to this partnership is the reality that Augustine Classical Academy serves in the place of parents ("in loco parentis") during the school day and in areas that fall under school authority. Within the school, faculty and administrators exercise authority over learning. The school day provides boundaries, and we strive to work within those boundaries. Independent Study (homework) provides an opportunity for parents to engage in the learning process and the work of discipleship. We strive to limit our students' Independent Study hours and adhere to a school-wide no homework policy on weekends, leaving that time for parents to use at their discretion. In short, we strive in all ways to honor our partnership and protect our parents and families.