Why have only half-day Kindergarten? Isn’t this contrary to popular wisdom?

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Jesse Kliza May 12, 2017

Full-day kindergarten has certainly been embraced through much of our culture. It is seen as both a way to stem the tide of declining student performance and to better meet the needs of single parents and of families with two parents working out of the home. Unlike contemporary educational settings, classical schools have not seen the lowering of standards that has driven the move to full-day K.  We don’t have the problem of an ailing system, so we don’t need the solution.  Instead we hold to the historic belief that 5 year olds and families are best served by a half day of school.  As a school, our first concern is what is best for the student.  That said, we are sympathetic to the needs of single parents and dual income families and are prepared to coordinate after school care for Kindergarteners as needed.  Please feel free to contact Ann Baker, our Head of Grammar School, to discuss your needs in this area.