Why do classical schools put an emphasis on Latin? I don’t get it.

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Jesse Kliza May 12, 2017

The study of classical languages are certainly a distinctive of classical schools.  ACA’s motivation for studying Latin is three-fold.  First, it has been the language of the church (and science) for much of its history.  We, as believers, should have at the very least a familiarity with Latin so as to better understand the roots of the church.  For this same reason, we hope to one day offer studies in both Greek (the language of the New Testament) and Hebrew (the language of the Old Testament).  Secondly, about 80% of English vocabulary is derived from Latin and Greek, with over 50% of that coming from Latin.  God has chosen language (the Word) to reveal Himself to us, and  Latin is a very powerful tool for gaining mastery of this means of God’s revelation.  Lastly, language is more than just a pile of vocabulary words; it involves grammar and syntax.  The study of Latin grammar greatly refines the student’s knowledge of grammar in general, which then carries over into English and the study of all other languages.