Starting a school is certainly a huge undertaking. What assurance do you have that you will get it right? The world is full of “reform” ideas that get turned into schools or get unleashed on schools and soon end up in the trash heap.

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Jesse Kliza May 12, 2017

Our confidence is in the following:  We are not starting something new.  We are simply returning to philosophies and methods that have been tested and perfected over many hundreds of years.  A classical school might be a new idea to the Capital District today, but it is certainly not new or unique from a historical or national perspective.  We are joining a very healthy community of schools, associations, and publishing houses that make up a movement that is over a quarter century old.  We are committed to not re-inventing the wheel.   Instead, we will follow in the footsteps (quite literally) of some very excellent schools nationwide.  For more information on other existing classical schools or the larger movement to revive classical education, please see the links and the information found on our website.