How do your seniors make out with college admissions? Where are they moving on to?

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jrtashjian May 9, 2017

We graduated our first senior class in the Spring of 2012 and are pleased to report that from that first class to the current class of 2020 (33 students graduated), 54.5% of our graduates have been accepted to their first-choice college,  31.5% have gone on to grad school, 12% have received full-ride ROTC scholarships, and 33% of our senior athletes have been recruited by D1 colleges.

The list of colleges that have accepted our students includes:

Baylor University, University of Binghamton, Boston University, Cornell University, Covenant College, Clarkson University, Christendom College, University of Dallas, Gordon College, Hillsdale College, Houghton, The Kings College, Liberty University, The University of Alabama, Stonybrook University, The University of Pennsylvania, Messiah College, Princeton University, RPI, RIT, Embry-Riddle, Wheaton College, and Smith College.

Our philosophy is that college admissions is about making a good match, not winning the biggest prize and we think that our parents would agree that our graduates have found very good fits.