My child is in a contemporary school and has not been educated classically so far. How do students like him fare when dropped into a classical context in the middle of their academic career?

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jrtashjian May 9, 2017

Without a doubt, this is a less than ideal situation, but it is certainly worth pursuing. As our experience with this at ACA has grown, we have learned that with strong parental support and effective use of the summer prior to entering (a strong reading list, Latin classes, et cetera) a diligent student can assimilate well into a classical context.   It is worth noting that classical methodologies have been founded on over 1500 years of honest study of human nature, in contrast to contemporary methodologies which are the deliberate effort to conform our students’ natures to a humanistic vision.  As such, even though a classical context might be very different for the student coming in from the side, they will be swimming with the current of their created nature and not against it.   At ACA we are committed to making such transitions as smooth as possible.