Isn’t this classical education thing more than a bit elitist? How is that Biblical?

Written By
Jesse Kliza May 12, 2017

Being elitist is a common critique of educational reform movements.  We believe that in many ways the expectations for students have dropped to levels that are so demeaning that any effort to do better will be seen as “elitist”.  In addition we know that all children are called to live lives that bring glory to God, and it is our intent to set high standards for them in every area of their lives.  Finally, “elitism” implies exclusion of some. Contemporary education is student-centered, which sets standards based on the student and as such relegates so many to “special ed” quagmires and thus excludes many from reaching their potential.  We believe that an educational philosophy based on the truth of scripture and our created reality, rather than a humanistic vision, will result in much higher student achievement for all students, not just a select few.  Ironically, in light of the “lowest common denominator” inclination of student-centered contemporary education, those higher expectations and that higher achievement will no doubt be perceived as “elitist”.