Co-Curricular Programs

Co-curricular refers to additional programs that complement our core academic offerings.

Two foundational understandings shape our decision-making in evaluating which activities to add:

1. We will not forget that we are a school and that our mission is to partner with families in educating their children.   Loading up our students with endless activities is not in the interest of the school or the families we serve.

2.  Activities beyond the core curriculum will be “co-curricular,” complementing our core, and not simply activities that are extra or added on without clear curricular purpose.

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial program is part of the New York State Bar Association’s Law, Citizen and Youth Program. The high school team prepares for a competition using a standard set of procedures that are similar to formal trial procedures, but have been modified for use in the mock trial setting. Through review and practice of the case study (a “fictional” case presented to all the teams and used throughout the season), the team members develop their various roles, prepare a team strategy, and learn trial procedures. The Team is judged not only on their case presentation, but on their ability to follow courtroom procedures and on their professional decorum. Team members can either serve as witnesses or lawyers.

Our goal is to honor Jesus, enjoy the competition, learn life-long skills, do our best and win medals. Christian Classical education focuses on the “tools of learning.” In Mock Trial, the students hone their skills in public speaking, persuasive writing, active listening, critical reasoning, team work, extemporaneous argumentation, ability in speaking with adults, self-confidence and poise while also learning about rules of law, rules of evidence, proper courtroom decorum, legal terminology and civic responsibility and attitude.